We have taken the liberty of answering some of the questions we are most frequently asked at Pet Crematorium Service. If you do not see a question and answer you require here please contact us.

How Much does Cremation Cost:

Pet Cremation is generally priced according to the size of the pet and the Owner’s choice between Private, Individual, or Communal Services. Please call us for a quote.

Types of Cremation Services:

Private – The Unit is cleaned prior to the placement of your pet. Then only your pet is placed in the Crematorium and then cremated with the remains being returned solely to you the Pet Owner.

Individual – More than one pet is placed in the Crematorium with the installation of partitions placed between Pets. Each pet is tagged with a steel tag for documentation. Then after cremation the remains will be returned to you.

Communal: To cremate several pets at one time with no regard for keeping pets separate. This process allows for the comingling of cremated remains. No ashes are returned to client in this process.

Transporting your Pet:

We will pick up your pet for free for up to 25 miles from our location. At your home or Veterinarian. To enter into NYC there will be a charge to cover the expenses.

Paying for Cremation Services:

We accept all forms of credit, Amex, Visa, and MasterCard, & Debit Card.


We will gladly do business through you or your Veterinarian, you make the decision.

Urns and other Memorial Products:

We can assist you in selecting an Urn to memorialize your pet in. If you intend to scatter the ashes we will Fed-Ex the ashes back to you in a temporary storage Urn or chest.