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Once a pet owner, always a pet lover. Some people are on the fence about getting a cat or dog, but once you own one, chances are you are an owner for life.

If you have lost a pet recently or your pet is nearing the end of their life, first of all, we wish you our deepest condolences. Our pets bring an immeasurable amount of joy in our lives, losing one is never easy and the grief can truly blindside many people. You may be wondering, how soon should I get another pet?

Have You Lost a Pet Before?

This is perhaps the most determining factor when it comes to deciding how soon to get a new pet. One thing we want to make clear is that getting a new pet is in no way “replacing” your old friend. A new pet is just that, a new friend. You will always have your memories with your last pet and remember them fondly. The only question is how soon can you move on?

Those who have lost a pet before are generally people who are coming from a family of pet owners. They grew up with a cat or dog and it may be so that their parents also had already owned a pet as well. The life of a pet to them is well known and they have experienced that grief once or more times already.

Such people can process the grief of losing a pet much more quickly as they have already experienced it.

Checking In With Yourself After Losing a Pet

Emotions are tricky, some people are very expressive and others have a delay in processing their feelings. Neither way is wrong, but simply quirks of our own unique personalities. However, they do affect how we can choose to go about living our lives.

In the case of losing a pet, everyone’s emotional journey is different. It is important to check in with yourself and do everything that you can to not only mourn the loss of your pet but also acknowledge the reality of the situation. Once you have done that, continue to check in with yourself. Ask if it feels right to get a new pet if enough time has passed.

Remember, there is no too soon or too late with getting a new pet. You will not dishonor them by getting a new pet within even a few weeks. They would want you to be happy.

Pet Cremation Goshen NY

How can you honor your pet?

At Pet Crematorium and Memorial Service, our goal is to offer the most dignified funeral for your pet through our pet cremation services. It is our belief that cremation is the most fitting option for pet owners as there are many difficulties and drawbacks with ground burial—especially with pets.

How soon you are able to get a new pet relies entirely on how quickly you can achieve closure. Being able to store their ashes in a memorial urn is a great visual and spiritual method in giving yourself the closure you require. After that, you will know when the right time to get a new pet will be.

For more information on pet cremation and our services, please contact us at (845-513-6692) or (914)-490-1436) after business hours.