Since time immemorial people have cremated their dead as a means of putting them to rest. As for the history of modern cremation, it dates back to at least the late 1800. However, the history of cremation as a whole dates as far back as the stone age. This is evidenced by the many urns that have been found throughout the world that have been hypothesized to have been used as urns to store ashes.

The tradition continues today and has even found its way as a popular alternative to traditional burials for people’s beloved pets. Perhaps you have considered pet cremation for an aging pet you currently own or the time is near, and you are researching your options. We hope this article will help you understand if cremation and storing the ashes are a suitable choice for you.

Storing Pet Remains in an Urn

Cremation itself remains a very popular choice of burial. This is because traditional resting methods such as ground burial require a plot of land to do so, they require trust and security that the grave will not be dug up or moved in your absence (some lots for pets do not guarantee this). And they can offer great difficulties for families or individuals that may have to relocate due to work or personal reasons.

In other words, the main benefit of storing your beloved pet’s ashes in an urn comes down to the convenience of always being able to pay your respects as well as the security of knowing their remains are safe, secured, and always dignified.

How Will Storing Ashes at Home Affect You?

The main deciding factor which determines if an individual or family would like to purchase a decorative urn to place the ashes in is how they feel when they think of their pet. At first, it can be difficult to come to terms with what has happened. After all, your pet has likely been with you for many, many years and you have shared so many experiences together.

When grieving, it can be difficult to consider that you will have to see the urn on a regular basis and remember they are no longer with you. However, this can be solved by keeping the urn somewhere private in home, but not necessarily on display—not at first.

We recommend storing the ashes in an urn and after you have properly grieved, you can choose whether you would like to keep them in the home or not. Overwhelmingly, we find that people who do it this way are relieved they kept the ashes. After all, the main benefit of keeping the remains is to pay respect to your pet’s life and contribution to your home. Even should you get another pet, you will forever honor their memory—and this can help you move on.

The purpose of getting a decorative urn is to have a beautiful memorial by which to remember your pet by. So that every time you look at it, you will be struck by its beauty and the memories it brings forth.

However, we understand that this is not for everyone. Some choose to cremate their pet but decide not to keep the ashes because they choose to remember their pet another way.

Pet Cremation Goshen NY

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