Our pets are not just like family members, they are family members, and so when they pass on it can be an incredibly difficult experience whether you’ve had them for 2 years or you’ve had them ever since they were a puppy. When their pet passes away, people often go through the same stages of grief as when a family member passes on. Nobody wants to plan a funeral but having some rough idea or plans for one if the time seems near is a wise decision. We never know when grief can besiege us so it can be very helpful to plan ahead so that at the time of the funeral you can focus on processing grief and not worry about logistics or details.

Should You Bury Your Pet?

While many people do still bury their pets—and it is a perfectly reasonable option, there are some difficulties that come with this route of disposition.

Unfortunately, burial regulations and laws vary dramatically between states and localities. For example, there are many options available in terms of burial laws. What many pet owners do not realize is that pet cemeteries do not enjoy the same rights or finality that human burial grounds do.

For example, while there are rules about the future usage and maintenance of human burial grounds, pet burial grounds do not universally enjoy such rules. This means that if you bury your pet in a plot, there’s no guarantee in many cases if that plot will always remain a burial ground.

This is just one of many issues surrounding pet burial. Another is that many pet owners have buried pets in their yard because they want them to be near always and they feel that their yard was always their pet’s domain. An issue with this is that life happens, people move, and it can be hard enough to leave a home behind much less leave your pet’s remains there too. There is also the possibility that such remains would be dug up by mistake in the future.

Is Pet Cremation Better Than Burial?

The most popular method of handling pets after they have passed is cremation. Cremation is a much more affordable option compared to burial and many pet owners would rather being able to visit their pet with the convenience that cremation and storing the remains in an urn provides.

While it is not always the best option, it is easily the most versatile and thus the one you will regret least. Having to leave behind your pet can be difficult and cremation offers an option that will let you pay visitation to the memorial at any given point.

Pet Cremation Goshen NY

Unfortunately, not all crematoriums will give your pet the respect and dignity they deserve. It’s important to find a crematorium and memorial center that will confer the professional and respectful serve that you would want your beloved pet to have.

Contact Pet Cremation and Memorial Service. We are a family-owned and operated business that wishes to provide our services to the community. Losing a pet is not easy, but we can assist you with the cremation arrangements as it can be a difficult time to focus and make plans.